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Martella BIO Espresso Coffee

| 1kg | Granos enteros
Martella Bio Espresso 1000g ganze Bohne
Achocolatado, Frutos Secos & Suave

Environmentally friendly paper bag!

Finally. An organic coffee from our favourite roaster in Rome.

Guaranteed organic production chain - Quality - Sustainability

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12.2022 12.2024

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  • 0701197020405


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Coffee Martella Organic Bean, environmentally friendly paper bag with 1kg Finally! An...más

Coffee Martella Organic

Bean, environmentally friendly paper bag with 1kg

Finally! An organic coffee from our favourite roaster in Rome. Just as tasty as the other Martellas.

An excellent Espresso, which consists of high-quality Arabicas & Robustas, which originate exclusively from ecological cultivation areas from Honduras, Nicaragua and Tanzania.

Honduras Arabica SHG Organic: The beans come from the mountains of West Honduras. The farmers only use labour-intensive ecological techniques and without the use of chemical pesticides. The coffee is balanced, with fine acidity and chocolate and citrus notes.

Nicaragua San Juan Rio Coco Bio: The cherries are harvested from November to March on the small shady plantations. The special plots are managed by a cooperative of farmers and their families.

Tanzania KDCU: The organic and fair-trade coffee comes from northwest Tanzania. Between July and September the cherries are harvested by hand at an altitude of 1500-1800m.

Proportion of coffees used:

80% Arabica beans, 20% Robusta beans.


mild coffee, excellent cream formation, medium caffeine content

Suitable for:

★★★★- very good for coffee machines
★★★★★ excellent for espresso
★★★★★ excellent for cappuccino
★---- not very suitable for breakfast coffee

Caffè Martella guarantees and promotes all over the world: quality, craftsmanship and the sustainable development of territories and populations.

IT-BIO-006, Controlled according to ICEA organic standards.

EAN: 0701197020405
Composición de la mezcla: 80% Arabica / 20% Robusta
Aroma: Achocolatado, Frutos Secos
Tipo / Característica: Granos enteros
Aparato: Portafiltro, Cafetera Automática
Contenido de Cafeína: Contenido Medio de Cafeína
Tamaño del Paquete: 1kg
Región: Centro de Italia
Grado de Tueste: Claro
Intensidad: Suave
Certificación: Bio Reviews with

Caffè Martella S.r.l., Via Cesare Colizza, 28, 00047 Marino (Roma), Italy